A day in London

There are likely going to be more posts for London, but this one is the first, and fittingly it is a quick look at many of the major sights to see in the big city. We took a quick train in and started with the Tower. As this is an important time of year represented at the Tower it was crowded but it was worth making our way in to see the poppies that are set up there right now.DSCN0817 DSCN0820 DSCN0816 DSCN0827

2014-10-25 13.57.36

Next we went by the bridge, where we also saw a large naval boat on display.


We had a lunch and then spent most of the day walking around markets, we didn’t this time but some time we will have to go and try the food there, I’m sure it is delicious. We stopped by the monument and then met up with another friend and stopped by Big Ben.

2014-10-25 17.49.24-12014-10-25 17.48.47

As it was getting dark we stopped by Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, we will have to get back to the last to as we didn’t have much time to see them, but it was a good day and a start to our travels!

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