Olympic Park, The Counter Cafe, London England

Some lazy weekends, we get up on Sunday with nothing specific to do and have a look around the internet and go from there. This time we were looking for a breakfast/ brunch, what we found did not disappoint. We headed out to Stratford, to find the Counter cafe in Hackney Wick. In something of an old industrial area, it does not look like much on approach.

Once we got our food however, we were very impressed! French Toast, with berries, almond and syrup along with the Big Breakfast, bacon eggs sausage and potatoes! The food was great and from where we sat we also had a view of the canal and Olympic Park!

The Olympic Park is currently being rebuilt and so has many cranes and construction material all around, but the buildings that are there are looking very nice. We even saw some very nice street art!

Hackney Wick and The Counter Cafe made for a successful day and probably call for a return trip!


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