The Matrix, and real world limits

Brought up in “The Matrix”, limits are a very broad and interesting subject; could humans in our “reality” possibly have limits as endless as Neo’s? Are space and time the only true limits or can even they be overcome? Space and time can be argued to be infinite, if this were the case; limits do not exist and it is only a matter taking the time to discover the space.

The Matrix is a movie that can cause even the surest minded to doubt themselves. This movie creates many questions such as; what is reality? Or what is free will? Depending on the viewers perceptions the movie can be very easily compared to reality. The setting being Chicago, a very important city, there being many religious references, along with other scenes that many groups of people can relate to, make this movie relevant to many people.  The question of limits is reoccurring and can relate very well to reality. This theme brings up many questions, an important one is the way limits could be set, or broken. In the movie along with reality, curiosity, belief, competition and exploration will play big parts in breaking limits. Everyone’s limits are different, we can observe this in the movie as well as reality. Neo is a computer hacker that finds a person called Morpheus, or rather Morpheus finds Neo, NASA is a space agency that sends people to the moon, and president Obama is a man that had an idea that could change the world. These are examples of breaking limits in the Matrix, and in the real world.

Curiosity is a very important quality for a human, it can be the beginning of great ideas.  The entire movie begins with curiosity. Neo is curious about a computer hacker called Morpheus, to the point that he does not sleep trying to find this man. His determination is what leads him to eventually find Morpheus, who is also the leader of a rebellion. Along with finding Morpheus Neo is led to discover the matrix, which is where he has been “living” his whole life. It is in the matrix that Neo is able to use this curiosity to find his limits, which are very different than what he is used to. Neo is a curious person and it helps him find what he is looking for. In the real world great things have been accomplished starting with a bit of curiosity, a good example of this is men being sent to the moon. All it took was a boys dream. This curiosity started all the work to have someone sent to the moon. Curiosity is the beginning of many great creations and limits being broken.

Beliefs can play an important part in limits. Early in the movie Morpheus calls Neo “The One”, in his opinion this means he can do anything as long as he believes it is possible. From Morpheus believing in him, Neo’s own belief grows, and helps him break his previous limits. At first Neo cannot jump from one building to the other, as he starts to believe it is possible he gets closer and closer, finally he makes it to the other side. The Matrix and Neo’s life can be compared to reality, in the matrix there are no limits for Neo, he can do anything he believes. In reality it is very hard to tell where the limits are set, however there are always limits being broken. Things no one thought were possible happen and change people’s view of their own limits, for example before the 1960’s nobody ever would have thought a person would be able to walk on the moon, however NASA’s belief kept the project going, eventually they did have people on the moon, and many more in space.  Limits are constantly being broken in our reality the matrix shows very well how Neo has the ability to break his own limits.

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Will is another necessary aspect in breaking limits, without the will to do something there is no perseverance to continue when facing the impossible. Neo’s ability’s are shown mostly through physical abilities, such as sport, for example Morpheus challenges him to a simulated fight. In the simulation at first Morpheus wins each time and slowly the more he believes and wills himself to win the more Neo starts to do better, eventually he wins.  As Neo becomes more confident in his abilities he is able to do more and more.  Neo is able to do things he never even thought possible.  Eventually Neo even becomes the first one to defeat an agent. Before him no one had ever even fought an agent, the rebels always ran when the agents arrived.  In the real world  even though no one believed in NASA they believed in themselves and it is now fairly common to have people in space there are even people that live in a space station for a few months at a time. Will is very important for people to be able to break limits.

Just as Neo must believe in his abilities to be able to succeed in using them, anyone in our world must believe they can attain their goal before they reach them.  This can be in everyday life or special events, from major sports events to going to the moon.  People must be curious, believe and have the will to complete their dream to be successful. These qualities can help people in many ways, such as training, or to push themselves to their goals.  In the matrix limits do not exist for Neo, it could be said limits do not exist in our reality.

The surpassing of limits is individually an important concept to get around, however societally as well it is important to understand that we set limits on ourselves and to focus on getting around them.


What do you think? Can limits constantly be overcome? Is it possible that with time, any problem can be solved?

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