Museum of London

On our way to the Museum of London, we stopped by The Wall. There are always things being dug up from under London’s Streets. After the Fire of London, these walls were uncovered, revealing the fortifications of an ancient city. The Romans, around 200 A.D. were settling in London and had built these fortifications. The Wall was later used in


The Museum of London had a Sherlock Holmes exhibition on when we were there.


For more about Sherlock, and the place of his final battle! Revisit Meiringen!

The Museum itself was ordered by history. From London’s prehistoric times!


The Skull of an Ox (found right around where we live now!).

Dating back to 420000 B.C. some of these animals have long since been forgotten in the UK. Elephants, monkeys, hippos and lions are included in the remains found in the Thames Valley.


As People began to show up in the area, they would create certain forms of meeting areas, and leave their equipment. 900-1200 BC.


The expansion of the great Roman Empire, from England down to the Morocco area, across the Black Sea to what they would have called Armenia and South to Arabia and back to the North of Africa and of course, Switzerland. The height of this reign was around 119 AD.

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