Camel Riding In The Sahara Desert, Morocco

At this point, the journey had been quite long, but we had made it! With Untraveled Paths The Sahara Desert Experience we were now in the desert staring at camels (dromedary actually)! We had a few minutes to put our bags down and right away it was time to hop on!

Being in the desert is very strange, as is the case for most of Morocco, this landscape used to be very different, and this is one of the places where you can most easily make that connection. Some parts of the desert are the classic fine sand that most people think of when they think of the desert, but being there, there is much more rock than I had expected. This makes you even more aware of the sea that was once here.

Getting on the camels can be quite a difficult task. Especially when they are stubborn and don’t want to sit to let you on. Once we got on though, we had a great time ridding the camels up to the dunes. Walking along the dunes, and sitting on a dune while other people walk away is quite an experience. It does not take long to get far enough to appear as just another spec on the horizon. It is just another one of those experiences that can make you realize how small you really are in this world…

Our “camp” was amazing, and so was the dinner to go along with it. Chicken tagine was one of the main dinners the whole trip and this one was one of the best! The weather in the desert is very changeable and at night it was extremely windy. This is why during the day, people wear the scarves around their heads and at night, our “tents” were very well sealed. Even still we left the desert with our bodies covered in sand.

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