Cologne, Germany

Cologne Cathedral Cologne is most famous for its gigantic cathedral.  In the 1200s this cathedral became one of the most important pilgrimage churches throughout Europe. At this time it was completely dismantled and rebuilt in a more gothic style. One of the most important reasons for all of these pilgrimages is the shrine of the […]

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

The first morning we arrived we went on a walking tour of the city that brought us around the major sites and told us the story of the city. Amsterdam is a beautiful city and very easy to navigate as a pedestrian, except for the crazy bikers, watch out for those. The tour began by […]

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Anne Frank House, Amsterdam

The Anne Frank House in many ways was like the concentration camps. Knowing what has happened in this place makes it a fascinating but eery place to be. All furniture has been taken out of the building, lighting is kept dim and the shades are kept down (at the time they were trying to avoid […]

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Munich, Germany

Arriving in Munich, we were greeted by a heavy “homelike” snowfall. Munich is an interesting remodelling of a city, Munich is 60-80% concrete, rebuilt after the war.  When Hitler started to understand the damage the war would eventually cause, (again thinking he was going to win), he thought it would be a shame to come […]

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